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The Silent Crisis

The Silent Crisis

The Silent Crisis: 100,000 Minors Affected by Crime on Mexico Southern Border

On Mexico's southern border, a silent crisis is unfolding before our eyes. More than 100,000 minors are caught in the crossfire of organized crime, an alarming number that demands an immediate and forceful response.

The invisible victims

Boys and girls witness executions, kidnappings, extortions and other acts of violence that lacerate their present and future. Poverty, lack of opportunities and family disintegration make them easy targets for criminal groups that exploit, recruit and corrupt them.

The voices that are not heard

Their voices, drowned out by fear and marginalization, find no echo in a society that ignores their suffering. Trauma and desolation permeate their lives, while hope fades in a sea of uncertainty.

A call to urgent action

It's time to break the silence and turn outrage into action. We cannot continue allowing childhood to be violated by violence and crime.

What can we do?

  • Demand the authorities strong measures to protect minors on the southern border.
  • Support the organizations that work in the defense and care of boys and girls affected by violence.
  • Report any act of violence or child exploitation that we witness.
  • Educate to new generations about the importance of peace and non-violence.

A future to build

The future of Mexico cannot be built on the basis of the pain and desolation of its children. It is time to weave a protective network that gives them security, opportunities and hope. Only in this way can we build a future where childhood is synonymous with joy, dreams and possibilities.

The silent crisis can no longer be ignored. It is time to act to protect children and build a better future for Mexico.