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Parque Los Humedales

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The wetlands park

Parque Los Humedales


Los Humedales, is the first park in the country that rescues a swamp, it has an important environmental component, since it is oriented to the rescue of the natural habitat of the area, that is, the flora and fauna, and it is also a space for family recreation , of special beauty.

Los Humedales park is an eco-tourism attraction in San Cristóbal de Las Casas, where you can appreciate the diversity of living beings, for example ducks, herons, frogs, salamanders, swallows, among other birds and reptiles that brighten up the visit. This wetland is mainly the home of the Popoyote, an endemic fish to the city of San Cristóbal, which is in danger of extinction, which is why the Administration of this park strives to conserve this species.

A large amount of fresh water that retains nutrients is concentrated in this area, it is also important for the region to maintain its climatic stability, controlling rainfall and temperature.

The eco-tourism park is an excellent place for those who want to spend a good day and have a pleasant experience with family or friends, just imagine enjoying a tasty snack prepared at home or the food and refreshing drinks that is offered in the restaurant, for which there are 13 palapas available in which families can comfortably accommodate themselves, this space can also be used to read, meditate, relax, exercise and an infinity of activities, which together make for an experience that you don't live every day.